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So, everyone knows that the HP_CommonRoom (which can be found a la this link: is awesome, right? OF COURSE. One such example, of mizzmoonyluvers':

I really have to wonder why everyone avoids giving their impressions of Barty. Both Sirius AND Dumbledore don't answer this question, and fail to elaborate at all on their fence-sitting. Which is odd, especially considering that Sirius, in this same conversation, talks at length about the Death Eater friend circle and Bertha. I mean, it isn't even a matter of being in the same year, because Bertha was a few years older than him and he still knew quite a bit about HER - Barty almost certainly was two years below Sirius in school, and, as I hope I've imparted on you all through my stanning, a very eccentric, loud childish character who would be extremely hard to miss. SO WHY DOES NO ONE SAY ANYTHING ABOUT HIM? I find this endlessly bizarre, I honestly do. Of course it's really because Sirius didn't mention Regulus either, and didn't want to talk about how Barty was his dead little brother's BFF in Hogwarts. Clearly.

Sorry for huge block-quote, but I HAD TO LET PPL SEE THE AWESOMENESS. Totes gave me about twenty plot bunnies. :3

-is going to make fic-

-wishes she knew more about the seventies to make fic realer ;_; -

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