April 12th, 2011

Sulu, Chekov, Nucclear Wessels

Metaphysical Scarring (Batman/Green Arrow) young justice prompt

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world.

Aaaand, thus, the title, which is probably appropriate for this fic. Enjoy!



"Heading to Mount Justice, can't talk.", grunted the cowl-wearing man, brushing past his slightly taller counterpart.

Green Arrow rolled his eyes. Oi. Work, work, work...

"C'mon, the kids can take care of themselves for five minutes.", snorted the blonde, reaching out to casually touch his coworkers shoulder.

it occured to Oliver Queen that, 'Oh, yeah. this is Batman. Not being touched is nearly schtick for him.' at about the same time said man ducked neatly away, leaving his gloved fingers to whisper past his shoulder. And such nice, broad shoulders, too.

"Really?", he grouched, frowning as the Caped Crusader continued down the hall. A moment of internal debate, and the Green Arrow found himself following.

"Do you want another incident like the one Diana found?", came his growled answer, which Oliver flinched at - and for good reason. He'd never seen Diana as angry - or as shocked. Neither had he ever wanted to talk to his protegee about 'no barebacking', but that was...that was not something he was going to think about again. Ever.

"Good point.", the archer conceeded - and yet he found his feet still walking, catching up. "But the team should still be in town - they went to the beach today, Aqualad told me.", he pointed out. Could he be blamed for trying, really?

...Judging from the narrowed stare he was getting, it seemed that yes, yes he could be.

"I'm still going to check.", Batman countered, pausing as they reached the tube in The Watchtower; one of the ones spread about the space station, this one at the end of a deserted corridor.

"You can check in fifteen minutes.", suggested Ollie, reaching his hand out again - this time to run a hand down the other mans' spandex-covered side. "It might not even take that long.", he added in a murmer as he leaned forward - just a little, just so his goatee tickled where he knew Bruce's ear to be.

"Ollie.", Batman - no, Bruce now, he could tell - said warningly. His voice was strained, though it was an undercurrent, and Green Arrow scored himself a point. Oh, yeah - he still had it.

"I doubt they'll burn the place down, Bruce. They are our kids.", he insisted, backing the two of them out of the hallway - a little bit more towards the unsteady light of the 'tube, but it meant that now they weren't immediatly going to be caught if anyone entered the hallway.

"Exactly.", he heard Bruce reply - felt it, too, in the way his chest rumbled as the wider-shouldered vigilante pressed himself closer to the archer.

"So little trust, Bruce.", teased Ollie, kissing his teammate soundly - and finding very little resistance.

He wanted to be closer, though - this was nice, but not nearly enough. Not caring enough to disengage, the archer merely stumbled forward against the Dark Knight, the both of them nearly tripping over their own boots - heh, his mind said, just like that time in the Bat-Cave. Wonder if Alfred really got rid of that table? - and then, suddenly, he felt a strange chill and a vaguely uncomfortable pulling at his body.

And then all he was feeling was Bruce's hand still pulling on his neck, and -- air conditioning?

Oliver Queen opened his eyes, and let his mouth fall open - and a second later, the warmth of Batman was gone, replaced by warmth steadily creeping up his entire face.

"Oh my God.", was the chorus of nearly the entire Young Justice team. Megan had substituted Him for some unpronounceable Martian diety, which Oliver knew he would never remember.

He would probably remember the gaping faces of Robin and Artemis for quite some time, though.