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Metaphysical Scarring (Batman/Green Arrow) young justice prompt

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world.

Aaaand, thus, the title, which is probably appropriate for this fic. Enjoy!



"Heading to Mount Justice, can't talk.", grunted the cowl-wearing man, brushing past his slightly taller counterpart.

Green Arrow rolled his eyes. Oi. Work, work, work...

"C'mon, the kids can take care of themselves for five minutes.", snorted the blonde, reaching out to casually touch his coworkers shoulder.

it occured to Oliver Queen that, 'Oh, yeah. this is Batman. Not being touched is nearly schtick for him.' at about the same time said man ducked neatly away, leaving his gloved fingers to whisper past his shoulder. And such nice, broad shoulders, too.

"Really?", he grouched, frowning as the Caped Crusader continued down the hall. A moment of internal debate, and the Green Arrow found himself following.

"Do you want another incident like the one Diana found?", came his growled answer, which Oliver flinched at - and for good reason. He'd never seen Diana as angry - or as shocked. Neither had he ever wanted to talk to his protegee about 'no barebacking', but that was...that was not something he was going to think about again. Ever.

"Good point.", the archer conceeded - and yet he found his feet still walking, catching up. "But the team should still be in town - they went to the beach today, Aqualad told me.", he pointed out. Could he be blamed for trying, really?

...Judging from the narrowed stare he was getting, it seemed that yes, yes he could be.

"I'm still going to check.", Batman countered, pausing as they reached the tube in The Watchtower; one of the ones spread about the space station, this one at the end of a deserted corridor.

"You can check in fifteen minutes.", suggested Ollie, reaching his hand out again - this time to run a hand down the other mans' spandex-covered side. "It might not even take that long.", he added in a murmer as he leaned forward - just a little, just so his goatee tickled where he knew Bruce's ear to be.

"Ollie.", Batman - no, Bruce now, he could tell - said warningly. His voice was strained, though it was an undercurrent, and Green Arrow scored himself a point. Oh, yeah - he still had it.

"I doubt they'll burn the place down, Bruce. They are our kids.", he insisted, backing the two of them out of the hallway - a little bit more towards the unsteady light of the 'tube, but it meant that now they weren't immediatly going to be caught if anyone entered the hallway.

"Exactly.", he heard Bruce reply - felt it, too, in the way his chest rumbled as the wider-shouldered vigilante pressed himself closer to the archer.

"So little trust, Bruce.", teased Ollie, kissing his teammate soundly - and finding very little resistance.

He wanted to be closer, though - this was nice, but not nearly enough. Not caring enough to disengage, the archer merely stumbled forward against the Dark Knight, the both of them nearly tripping over their own boots - heh, his mind said, just like that time in the Bat-Cave. Wonder if Alfred really got rid of that table? - and then, suddenly, he felt a strange chill and a vaguely uncomfortable pulling at his body.

And then all he was feeling was Bruce's hand still pulling on his neck, and -- air conditioning?

Oliver Queen opened his eyes, and let his mouth fall open - and a second later, the warmth of Batman was gone, replaced by warmth steadily creeping up his entire face.

"Oh my God.", was the chorus of nearly the entire Young Justice team. Megan had substituted Him for some unpronounceable Martian diety, which Oliver knew he would never remember.

He would probably remember the gaping faces of Robin and Artemis for quite some time, though.
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So, everyone knows that the HP_CommonRoom (which can be found a la this link: is awesome, right? OF COURSE. One such example, of mizzmoonyluvers':

I really have to wonder why everyone avoids giving their impressions of Barty. Both Sirius AND Dumbledore don't answer this question, and fail to elaborate at all on their fence-sitting. Which is odd, especially considering that Sirius, in this same conversation, talks at length about the Death Eater friend circle and Bertha. I mean, it isn't even a matter of being in the same year, because Bertha was a few years older than him and he still knew quite a bit about HER - Barty almost certainly was two years below Sirius in school, and, as I hope I've imparted on you all through my stanning, a very eccentric, loud childish character who would be extremely hard to miss. SO WHY DOES NO ONE SAY ANYTHING ABOUT HIM? I find this endlessly bizarre, I honestly do. Of course it's really because Sirius didn't mention Regulus either, and didn't want to talk about how Barty was his dead little brother's BFF in Hogwarts. Clearly.

Sorry for huge block-quote, but I HAD TO LET PPL SEE THE AWESOMENESS. Totes gave me about twenty plot bunnies. :3

-is going to make fic-

-wishes she knew more about the seventies to make fic realer ;_; -

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Space Hooker (2/?)

Made for a prompt on the st_xi_kink Part Eight, mostly because I would give my firstborn to see some of the crews' reactions to that shit. :D

Sorry this took forever, and is only one person, but...I wanted to get it out there right away. :3

Part Two of ?


"What makes you think I want to sleep with you?"
"I'm Jim Kirk. Everyone wants to sleep with me."
And then he proves it. Or tries to.
Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Space Hooker

3. Gaila

And she did - or, well, she tried to sleep with him, anyway. In between getting interrupted by Uhura - worst roommate ever, Gaila grouched as she pulled on her clothes - and then everything with Nero, and then Jim being promote, surprisingly, and surprisingly quickly, to Captain, Gaila and he just...never did.

Oh, he was handsome - always had been, with his Earth-sky, Orion-apple eyes of blue, and his Devil-may-care grin. She could have had him any time she wanted, and she would have given him herself anytime he had asked.

But not now. She might have been a woman, with the needs of one, but first and foremost - like most crew-members - she was a soldier.

"Well, yes.", she answers with a laugh, small and tinkling and utterly not-nervous. She doesn't need to be nervous around him, her Captain, her one-time, almost-fling -- Jim Kirk isn't the sort of man who takes advantage. Not of a being, anyway; he takes plenty advantage of situations, when they arise. "I do want to sleep with you, Jim, but you're Captain now."

And Gaila feels bad that these words make his face fall, flirty expression dropping like Andorian fruit flies. She reads, in that, that he had momentarily forgotten about their rank differences; she's an Ensign, and he runs the entire ship, for Ellowens' sake. Her momentary indecision - should she take him up on his offer? It couldn't affect either of them that much, really, could it? She was hardly ever up on deck, anyway, and both of them knew how to keep things discreet. (Except from Uhura, who is the worst roomate ever.)

"Heh, you're right, Gail - Ensign.", he said, a small, obviously corrected laugh in his voice and a wink as he mentioned her rank - he wasn't being pompous, just trying to smooth things over. It was a new Kirk; one she had yet to see. Much like the 'stack-of-books-with-legs' version of Kirk, which she'd discovered he always turned into about a month or so before finals and midterms.

"I would like to eat lunch with you, sometime, though, Captain Kirk.", Gaila added, throwing it out as James stood in the doorway of the rec room, and she winked at him before turning back to her game.

You had to throw the man a bone sometimes, after all.

ICONZ (nu!Trek)

So, icons. I made 'em. Two of 'em, buuuut...still.

First time posting them, so...if you like 'em, leave a comment and feel free to use 'em! (If you don't like them, at leave a comment..?)

Our boys - and one of my few OT3's. :3The OT3, nu!verse. :3

'Enterprising' Young Men; because whoever titled the songtrack has a thing for pun. A nod to the fact that, holy hell, whoever titled everything in nu!Trek's song track had a thing for puns. And irony. And can you tell I love this base?

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Cap't James T. Kirk; Space Hooker (1/?)

Made for a prompt on the st_xi_kink Part Eight, mostly because I would give my firstborn to see some of the crews' reactions to that shit. :D

Hope it suits you, OP!

Part One of ?


"What makes you think I want to sleep with you?"
"I'm Jim Kirk. Everyone wants to sleep with me."
And then he proves it. Or tries to.
Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Space Hooker

1. Keenser

"Well, I don't.", the small alienoid says, and it was amusing the way his face fell, but Keenser keeps his resolve. He's heard things about this Kirk - and not just that he saved the universe, either. Mostly from Scotty, who says that it's half-amusing and half-embarresing to be getting into fights about whether or not ones' captain is a slut every time he's on shore-leave.
Apperantly, the issue comes up more than one would think.

"C'mooon, Keenser - I've slept with Reman's before, so I know I won't turn bright purple or anything.", the skinny Human keeps at it, though, and while Keenser privately thinks 'Yes, because you probably have a hypo back in your room to cure that Human-based side-affect', he says nothing aloud and merely smiles at his captain, before shaking his craggy head.

"I would, sir, but I've got a prior engagement.", he says, grinning as Scotty comes walking down the hallway, waving at his taller partner.

2. Nurse Chapel

Nice try, sir.", she replies, and Kirk only grins in response, batting his baby-blues at the hand she waves mock-dismissively at him. They both know his flirting is harmless, although she has the suspicion that if she had said 'yes, meet me at my quarters at 0900 hours', he wouldn't have exactly said no, either.

Hell, if it wasn't for the fact that he was in here constantly - and she had really seen every single part of him more than enough times by now, thank you very much - the blonde thought to herself that she might even take the light-haired boy-toy up on his offer. And yet.

"Can't blame a man, can you?", he laughs, and Chapel shakes her head, smiling amusedly as McCoy bustles into the room, casting a suspicious eye at the Captain, sprawled out on one of the Sickbay cots, flirting with his head nurse.

"Can't blame a man for what?", the Georgian drawls, glancing between the two; Chapel rolls her eyes at him, which by now is code for 'he hit on me...again' and Bones sighs, throwing his hands up in the air. "Nevermind. Just...keep it in yer pants, kid, or I really will throw up on you."


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Invwented in Russia (No, Really!)

Okay, so!
Yeah, made this for a comment!prompt-thing for cassiopeia13.
Anywho! :3 Hope you like it! (There's some Chulu, and maybe McSpirk, if you squint, I think; couldn't help it, haha!)

"Do you know, Doctor McCoy?", Pavel A. Chekov started, slurring only slightly as he spoke up.

"Hmm?". the dark eyed man glanced up from the whiskey in his hands. Sound moved around them; the party that celebrated the Enterprise's first year anniversery was in full swing; meaning, naturally, that all of the original crew - and many of the crew who had transferred to the Enterprise after what was being called 'The Narada Incident' - were planet-side, and doing their best to get smashed, whether because of good memories or bad.

"Zat sex in space was invwented by Russia?"

...was not the answer Hikarua Sulu had been expecting at all.

Neither was Kirk, apperantly, unless the blue-eyed man sitting down the bench was spraying his alcohol across the table for some other reason. And, while Spock's eye twitched in a not-angry, not-wanting to throttle the man across from him way, Sulu gaped at Chekov. McCoy, he noted out of the corner of his eye, seemed only amused - probably because he was only slightly sloshed, and not on the verge of being plastered, as was Sulu, who now was thinking that maybe drinking some of that green stuff that Scotty had dug out from 'ooh, nowhare important, nah' had been a bad idea, possibly deserving capital letters.

"I -- Pavel -- sex in space was not --", he tried to explain, to direpute; sex in space could not have been inwe - invented - by Russians..There was no possible way, for the love of all that kept the Enterprise together. A less-wet half-Vulcan seemed to have something to say, however, so Sulu stopped trying to formulate words - it was getting a little difficult by now, anyway - and let Spock speak.

"Actually, I believe it was, if old books are correct, Lieutenant."

Apperantly, tonight was a night for surprises, though Sulu, barely supressing a groan as he gaped at his senior officer. Spock seemed to interpret this as the 'what the hell?' look it indeed was, and elaborated with a movement of one bony hand, for all intents and purposes ignoring the tipsy starship captain who had followed his moved seating, parallel across the long mess-table. Sulu privately wouldn't be surprised if sex in space had been invented by one of Kirk's ancestors. He certainly had a knack for it.

"When Terrans discovered space-flight capabilities, I believe it was those of Russia who were first in actual space.", the pale man said, curly-haired patron of Russia nodding enthusiastically next to Sulu - none of the bridge crew had yet lived down telling Chekov that, no, once again, that was not invented in Russia -- and then being proven wrong. "In my early studies of Terran inventions, there were old books that state that there were rumours that a bonded -"

"Married.", supplied the ever-corrective McCoy, smirking somewhat into his whiskey tumbler, ignoring the spectacle of Keenser and Scotty waltzing not a few feet away from him.

"- married pair did indeed have sexual relations in space. If both books and said rumours were, in fact, accurate, then the Ensign is correct.", Spock corrected himself, and finished, hands folded neatly now on his lap, body still stiff - possibly from being dragged planet-side by a cajoling, commiserating Kirk and McCoy, if Sulu remembered earlier that night correctly. Well, the trio had managed to find the bar-slash-alien-mess-hall thing a few hours after everyone else; both Humans looked like they had been crying - and, possibly, drinking - already, while the half-Vulcan had merely looked shaken-up but as under-control as ever, despite what else the day was (in)famous for.

"Really?", Sulu could not help but say, leaning on the one elbow that proped him up against the table.

"I do not believe I have a speech impediment, Lieutenant.", Spock replied, one eyebrow raising slightly as the young pilot sliumped against his curly-haired companion. Who didn't really seem to mind, although he was still grinning from ear to ear about being correct.

Sulu knew he would never live doubting his friends' odd fact down, but right then he didn't really care; Pavel's skinny shoulder seemed comfy enough in place of a pillow. It usually was after they finished in Chekov's room, after all.
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(no subject)

"What about that one time you and Sokka --"

"Nobody can prove we did that!"

"We didn't do anything illegal! Or dangerous! Or involving goat-bird milk!"

"...that was oddly specific."

"Uh --You know us, Toph, always specific!"

"Yup! Me'n Zuko here, never vaguely worried!"

"Riiight. I'll just go...find Twinkle Toes."


" really wasn't illegal, was it?"

"Not in the Earth Kingdom."

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"Professor, uh...", Jamie paused, head poking into the bald telepath's room. The small boy looked nervous, and Charles could her shuffling and some muted words of encouragment coming from behind the multiplying mutant.

"Erik is here?", the professor surmised. One didn't have to be a telepath to know the look Jamie had on his face - one just had to have been freinds with Erik Lensherr, aka Magneto, for over twenty years. The confusion at his guess made Charles pause, however.

"Who?", Jamie asked, frowning at the unfamiliar name. 'Ah, yes - I'd forgotten they don't know him by his real name.', Xavier thought to himself.

"Magneto to you, boy." There were sounds of gasping, jumping, scrambling, and a few pained 'ow!'s as the white haired Master of Magnetism made his presence known - directly behind the group of none-too-discreetly eavesdropping mutants. 

'Geh! Um, right. I'll just be...on my way..." Even Jamie looked suprised, and a little awkward as his cohorts slunk away quickly. Soon the two men were alone, the doors closing easily behind Erik as he entered the room.

"Was that necissary, Erik - you've probably given Jamie and all the rest of my students nightmares now.", Charles quieried, an eyebrow rising, tone dry and slightly rebuking. Not that that he had ever worked on him.', mused the telepath. 'Not since college and our marriages.'

"oh, yes - because I'm the worst thing they've ever seen.",the white haired man replied, voice as dour as it ever was - in that same familiar tone of dry sarcasm that the telepath had gotten so used to over the years. And, also something familiar to the bald man, he had to conced that perhaps he had a point - for some of the students; mostly the older ones. On the other hand, however...

"Some of them, thank God, yes.", Xavier replied. For a moment,he couldn't help but muse on the ones who would think of their arch-nemesis visting their headmaster as something from a fairy tale, in comparison with some of the things they had been through. It seemed that the magnetic controlling man had been thinking the same things, forthe silence dragged on a few minutes before either one spoke again.

"I'm sure the others were just surprised to see me without..." Erik trailed off, uncertian of how to phrase his usual clothes. The phrase 'bucket head' kept floating through his mind, and he shot Charles an annoyed look. The man looked a little sheepish, and cleared his throat.

"Your regalia?", he supplied, as if to make up for his recent little joke.

"Ah...yes.", Erik nodded, if only for lack of better term. 'Regalia' - fancy; perhaps a little bit high-horse'd, but he had heard worse when referring to the 'capes and cowls' he knew. And long those lines... "I'm sure you are wondering why I am here, and not as Magneto.", Erik said; stated, not asked, because even after all these years, he could read Charles' mind as well as the telepath could read his. So it was no surprise when Xavier nodded, fingers steepling in that familiar gesture he had adopted.

"Yes, I was rather - surprised when you dropped by, Erik.", Charles admitted, dark brown eyes holding the magnetism masters' light blue ones.

"I..." And now the white haired man felt himself pausing, his eyes closing for a moment as he tried to find a way to phrase his request. At last, he came up with one. "I wanted to go and visit Magda's family."
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Hints ~ Chapter 1; Bridge Meeting

Lance and Scott glowered at each other, stalled at the small, slim bridge. Both males exuded tension, which wasn't covered by the faux-casual way they shoved their hands into their pockets and slouched.

Victor and Logan watched from the sidelines, by the woods, but that didn't matter with their eyesight.



A cocky grin on the tanned young man, a half-bitter smirk on the shade-wearing ones'.

Logan watched, waiting to see what would happen. Victor had to stop himself from shoving the two boys into the river for their stupidity.

"You gonna move, Shades?" Casual, slightly threatening.

"Nope. Guess you'll have to." The threat returned, confidently.

Avalanche stood a little straighter, and Cyclops tensed his arms.

Logan rolled his eyes, and Victor had to bite back a derisive snort. They were like testosterone filled twelve year olds. And the leaders of their respective teams, too? it was sad.

"Anyone follow you?" Less tension, a bit tentative.

"Nah. They're all ordering pizza. Sabretooth's gonna have his hands full, no problem." Cocky, assured, hands slipping out of his pockets to loop into belt-loops.

"Guitar Hero war in the living room for the others. Wolverine will be having a hissy fit." A smirk, hip to the side now, relaxed.

The dishblonde haired and stocky built mutants both held growls in the back of their throats. Nice to know they were so underestimated.

Both men were distracted by their bitter thoughts by a rustle of bushes, a thump of solid bodies hitting the ground, and a few groaned, little sweet nothings that each wished they really didn't have the hearing to hear so clearly.

"You gonna tell X bout this, Shades?" Grovely, hungry with hormones, and laced with worried mistrust.

"What do you think? Gonna tell Mystique?" Derisive, knowing the answer even as he asked and saw the tanned young man shake his head through ruby shades.

Logan and Viktor inched away as the words dissolved into lip-locks, growled half-threats and stiffled moans.

"You gonna tell Raven, furball?" Gruff, as always, more curious than he let on.

"She'll figure it out. You gonna tell Chuck?" A bit deeper-pitched, wondering what the reactions of both 'leaders' would be.

"Nah. He prolly knows, anyway. Up for a beer?"

"Kid love got ya feelin' sentimental, runt?"

"Makin' me sick, more like it."

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Rules For Xavier's Gifted -- Chapter One


Rule One is up. Suggestions, as always, are welcome. (Oh, and I don't own the X-Men. That's Marvel, those lucky dogs.)


RULE ONE: No using your powers outside of the Danger Room.

Light green eyes scanned the official-looking paper, that had, overnight, become nailed onto the door of the kitchen, the Danger Room, and had been posted in various hallways across the whole of the Institute, including next to most of the classrooms and bathrooms. The redhead in question was reading the one in the hallway closest to the second floor bathrooms, where she was awaiting her turn to take a shower (and go pee, because she really had to go...) before gulping down some breakfast and heading off to school, like half of the rest of the Institute.

The female half, mostly.

Said paper had apperantly become read by most of the students - whose mental and physical groaning she could hear - as they had loitered in the hallway, she found, after all, standing in a line outside the bathrooms gave everyone plenty of time to get bored and do something. Besides Bobby (who was intent on trying to ise the hallway, which Scott kept him from doing for about ten minutes before he gave up and took a shower) it seemed like everyone had read the offending sheet of paper, which had quite a few rules typed on it already.

A shriek ripped through the air, and Jean turned in time to see three things happen in quick succesion:

Bobby had succeded in making his 'ice slide' -- much to the chargin of most of those in the hallway, as most had to walk that way --

Kitty Pryde came out of the bathroom, turning to stick her tongue out at an impatient Rogue, who saunted in before any of the other girls could take up residence.

...And the young woman known as Shadowcat showed off her spectacular set of lungs by shreiking bloody murder as her foot touched the slick, newly shorn ice slide, and, gravity and velocity taking effect as suprise flittered across the suprised female's face, unceremoniously slidding across it, the rest of her school clothes-clad body following rather ungracefully, as she lacked anything with which to stop herself - like shoes on her feet, for instance, with a grip. Before any serious injury could occur, the teenager had reacted instinctivly and activated her powers, phasing through the ice slide, and the floor, up to her knees before she stopped herself in mid-fall. Everyone, by now, was looking - staring, to be more precise - at the former Valley-Girl as she ghost-walked back onto a non-iced section of the hardwood floor, turning solid as her bare feet touched the wood.

"BOBBY DRAKE! I'm going to kill you!", were the first, angry words out of the phaser's mouth, as she started towards the ice-encased younger mutant, who looked scared. Panicking, he started down the hallway, narrowly escaping the valley-girl's finger tips as they touched the neck line of his t-shirt. Jean found herself smiling, then rolling her eyes as the others - mostly Rogue and the few boys in the hallway - cheered Kitty on as her prey raced down the hallway, thunking down the stairway as his feet slipped, narrowly being able to keep from falling over the sturdy wooden banister.

"Help! Kitty, I didn't mean it! Somebdy, help - there's a crazy female attacking me! Scott! Hank! Warren! AAAGH--!"





Something, it appeared, had abruptly halted the Iceman's ungraceful descent down the winding staircase. This something, as she heard Tabitha and Amara giggle, was Mister Logan - as he was called by most of the students at the Institute, even though he only taught the Danger Room. It was, she had decided, out of misplaced respect - and fear. The red head had need not have listened to the giggling highschoolers, because just then Logan spoke up. Most of the conversations in the hallway dimmed, some halting completely.

"The hell're you doin', Popsicle?"

"Mr. Logan! Thank God! Hide me! Kitty's after me!"

...Aaaand there went Bobby's pride, along with any respect any of the kids had ever garnered fom him. Hiding behind Logan - begging to hide behind him, no less! - from on ticked off Kitty Pryde. Kitty, the one whose cooking had nearly out Logan into the hospital, who still listened to Backstreet Boys and N*Sync, whose driving was outlawed in 23 of the fifty United States.

So it was only understandable when, upon seeing the irrate young woman standing at the top of the stairs with a franky murderous glint in her usually calm and laughing eyes, Logan stepped aside swiftly, climbing the rest of the stairs before clasping the young woman on the shoulder.

"Go easy on 'im, Half-Pint."